If you need a very fast, secure and private vpn - contact me via email, XMPP or telegram and send $2 to mastercard.

All connections are encrypted with your secure wireguard key, and as long as I don't have that key, I can't see the requests, and you're safe.

XMPP - (Doesn't work)

If you are really want to contact me - send an email:

Email - (please, don't send HTML mails)

PGP key - key

Also available WKD option - gpg --auto-key-locate wkd --locate-key

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Murmur mumble server - (open to creating rooms)

Librex metasearch engine -

Jackett torrent metasearch engine - 8909d8s1a6bm8vj4vgx43azcgxpa3rca

Wikiless -

Libreddit - - madreyk

Telegram - @MadReyk(PLEASE DON'T USE)

Telegram personal channel - @MadReykL(PLEASE DON'T USE)

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Monero - 47Bp4k7foY2ieMvo4tJHQySxzjaJ5Tpt878oFuTA2EV8Qo6dvTmMoQp1BTG6B52eGC3FMKzTsQRxbB8zD12mkMD5PoHfxaJ

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